Toddy Palm Leafs in Myanmar

myanmar toddy palm leafHighland Toddy palms grow in many parts of Thahton, Bilin and Townships Kyaik Hto Mon State, south-eastern part of Myanmar. The local population making a living. Toddy palm leaves into useful utensils Highland. Including sewing palm leaves for roofing is the most important. At 7, the highlands of palm can support 30 to 40 branches per year. Cut the stem of the base sheet and remove the stem. Tear them into 2-4 parts depending on the size and battery in two from the corner and the middle portions of the leaves.

Then they can sting roofing sheets 6 feet long and diversification pages torn in the cutting and smooth bamboo strips. 2 cover plates are available from 3 palm leaves. Long toddy palm stem has long, soft leaves with large diameter. Therefore, it is preferable to use in roofing materials. Skilful and rhythmic work of local women is amazing. Couture deep leaf is the main activity in the region.

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myanmar toddy palmNext, remove the thorns in the remaining stem to make mats, revealing mostly without problems. After drying in the shade of a carpet weaving all began. Long 4.5 feet wide belt 6 feet, 270 rods are needed. Millefeuille ceiling and 20 mats are available from 1,500 palm leaves. Mat weaving create beautiful designs according to your imagination.

They can also cause leaf relaxed chair by the stem of this palm in bamboo frame. After polishing the chair relaxed clean and tidy, it is ready to treat freshness and comfort. 5000000 roof sheets are produced annually and transported to all corners of the country, especially in eastern Bago Division. Roof sheets Highland toddy palm can give a sense of coolness in summer and can withstand bad weather. So Myanmar traditional houses decorated with mountain palm leaf roof are toddy quiet and peaceful and respectful of the environment.

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