Myanmar Handicrafts : Gold and Silver Smith

myanmar silver smith handicraftInlay region in the southeast of Shan State in Myanmar gets its fame from the presence of a large natural lake island in the midst of her as a brilliant emerald. The native Intha and Inthu the region are simple people love peace, but also persistent, patient and painstaking. Perhaps the reason we are in the many famous pop region for the quality of its diversified Myanmar Handicraft product cottage industries. Enterprises weaving, pottery, blacksmith, goldsmith, still thrive todayhave been passed down through many generations. I would like to say something about the cottage industry of goldsmith and jewelry inlaid region.

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Today goldsmiths still true old methods. Goldsmith began his first melt gold work. Gold stands and slowly hammered on an anvil while. A method of heating flatten continues until the hammering and the required gold leaf is obtained. He then proceeds to make marks with gold sheet before molding the desired article. Then just put the final finishing touches. Sounds easy, but it is not. Each step requires time and patience. Goldsmiths inlaid jewelry products such as rings, bracelets and earrings and so on. Finished products are high purity of gold are strong and stocky, the preservation of traditional patterns of their ancestors. The sausage is also famous silverware. Most steps in the production of gold and silver smithy forge are similar.

myanmar gold smith handicraftIn the production of cutlery and silver coins, it is first melted and then cooling the molten silver is hammered into small blocks until you are ready to make the desired point. Suppose you want a silver chain. Then small blocks of money to be stretched and pulled to form watermarks. It takes time and patience, fine silver wire can not be obtained with a single gesture.

To produce a silver bowl, the more detailed work needs. Money must be slowly hammered to form a sheet shape than round container.

Once the container is specified, is the most delicate work to trace the traditional “KaNoke” is the floral motif of leaves and stems of lotus vine, and the numbers of men and stories of Buddha figures. Then, these designs are beaten and threaded and again gently to form relief figures that make a silver bowl, a true work of art. Only when the architect is satisfied, he will proceed to polish and put the finishing touches to produce a silver bowl of marquetry region. Gold jewelry and silver produced in the region are highly appreciated by Intha and Inthu. On occasions such as holidays or religious ceremonies and weddings noviciation, one can see the beautiful and artistic silver cups filled with flowers for the offering to the Buddha image or clothes neatly folded for members of the Sangha (monk Buddhist) placed in them. These bowls are in the hands of the most beautiful girls dressed in their best clothes, on their way to the pagoda or monastery cheerful music and rhythmic rolling gong drum.

And, of course, we will be able to see the smiling faces of happy people, especially women dressed in the most beautiful ornaments of gold produced per region blacksmiths original gold.

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