ThaNakhaa : Myanmar Traditional Makeup

myanmar thanakha sticksMyanmar People used to apply traditional incense in religious matters. To have a strange and unique scent of incense, you can do with ThaNakhaa – the bark of a tree give good smell, soft skin and protects against sunburn.

So ThaNakhaa are familiar with women in Myanmar. It is used for one of the natural cosmetics and all the people as its odor. The Thanakha with fragrant evergreen trees and bark are mostly produced in the dry zone of Myanmar. To make the incense stick ThaNakhaa first mother dough ThaNakhaa, wood pulp apple and tamarind tree be mixed and which has been milled together and the water moves through a sieve.

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myanmar thanakha treesAnd then removes water, pure paste is applied in a thin bamboo stick is obtained. To do all kinds of bamboo are used stripped and cut into lengths of 10.5 inches or 11 inches. These strips are wound with pure paste. Here is sun dried and coated with various kinds of scented liquid and finally get ThaNakhaa requires incense. YaeSaKyo Township, Pakokku district in Upper Myanmar is where most of the industry ThaNakhaa incense sticks.

ThaNakhaa production incense using ThaNakhaa trees, apple wood and tamarind trees threaten deforestation and are replanted. When these plants are nearly seven years, which can be cut to produce incense. It is not just one of our handicrafts and salaried cash but is also used for our religious affairs. In addition, you are given the income and merit.

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