Naga Traditional Handicrafts

naga handicraftIn connection with the New Year Festival of Naga, Naga opened the traditional and cultural crafts galleries in sports ground of Lahe. The crafts Gallery show traditional wood carving of bamboo, rattan, leather and crafts displays. There are several forms and types of knives for various applications. Mourning blower or workshop consists of individual cylinders employ bamboo and coal used in the oven.

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myanmar naga tribeIron rods are heated and converted into knives of each type. The knives are kept in sheaths or hanging from the thong. They are for purposes other than taking on festive occasions in the forms and types. Just look at the knife carried by dancer means. In wood carving, human figures have been carved from the beginning of time leaving behind the statues Naga. A demonstration of weaving baskets and mats by citizens Naga is also very interesting. Utensils of bamboo and other trades are also presented.

Naga new year is celebrated every year and the festival is always a great event for the Naga people to celebrate their successes to reflect future tasks a0nd create unity and friendship. There are areas of interest to discover. Everyone is invited to come and see for yourself at your convenience.

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