Myanmar Traditional Xylophone

myanmar xylophoneBamboo xylophone (or) Pattalar, language known in Myanmar as a soundboard beneath an ancient musical instrument, with seven keys out, you can produce unique rhythms and sounds of the ear. Later, ten keys have been added and today, is used 24 keys.
Pattalar means musical instrument that can be played by the escalation of the rules or from the base to the peak. No matter how the music should be played also played a xylophone, you need two sticks wrapped around with the fabric on the top that can produce a harmonious melody or sound.

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myanmar xylophoneTo make bamboo xylophone, first divided Waboe Bamboo into four parts and then soak in the mud, about a year and then you have to wash well and then, you have to smoke for a year. Therefore, bamboo experienced it becomes. Bamboo pieces are experienced in securities which smooth out, polished and left feet to the correct position on the 22 slices of bamboo, interspersed with large plates that are shorter and a half feet of 6-inch respectively.

Later, plates are drilled with holes for the chain, which can keep them together, and pass. Thus, the Musical Myanmar bamboo xylophone. There are seven musical keys Western musical note. Myanmar also has seven Pattala musical keys, which come from animals and oboe sounds Myanmar, which includes seven holes. In the forms, we can see musical instruments Myanmar vary in shape and tone of Western musical instruments, but all the same musical notes.

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