Myanmar Handicraft : Painting in Glass Bottle

glass bottle painting in myanmarDrawing on the glass bottle is a unique type of art painting and also a well-known handicrafts in Myanmar. The first paint of glass bottles appeared in China at the beginning of the19th century. Most artists can paint on the outside of the bottle, but it is not easy to paint on the inner surface. Although it seems that the canvas painting, bottle painting is more complex than an art that must be precise in scale. U Nyo Lay is a fantasy bottle artist who learned this technique.

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He said he suffered from polio since childhood and became disabled after the occurrence of several strange incidents. So, the lower part of his body and right arm is useless now, and has

become bound to a wheelchair artist works only with his left hand. But outside his perseverance and dedication first artist in Myanmar and his bottle painting art became well-known. He said “Another bottle depends on the subject to be painted, and the completion of the bottle, and it takes at least 15 days. Unlike ordinary paint, and this is done in reverse style.

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