Bamboo Parquet in Myanmar

myanmar bamboo parquetThe bamboo parquet is one of well-known hand craft in Myanmar, the bamboo is being used instead of hardwoods for modification. Using bamboo is in harmony with Myanmar geography. Bamboo is a self-replenishing plant. So, if it is cut according to sustainable yield, there need be no worry for deforestation. Hardwood like teak is a valuable perennial tree but substitute for bamboo must be used in the long-term

interest. Over the next three years Kyathaung bamboo has been using bamboo parquet, has rich veins and is hard.

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Only this bamboo of 3 inches diameter can be used because of equal texture. It is split into equal sizes and is boiled under chemical treatment to remove the sweetness and fat as well as to disinfect and dry it. The de-moisturized

myanmar bamboo parquetparquet states are water and heat resistant. After they are dried, MUF (Melamine Urea Formaldehyde) Glue and pressure is applied to obtain the strength when being struck to the floor. Bamboo parquet ready for use is obtained after four or five coating with Ultraviolet Acrylic Urethane Coating on its surface for resistance from heat and water and to prevent streaks showed up and become bright.

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