Myanmar Handicrafts : Pathein Umbrella

pathein umbrellaPathein, Irrawaddy Division in the delta region of Myanmar‘s capital, umbrella industry is well known in Myanmar. This cottage industry there are over a hundred years has been founded in Pathein. The first paper umbrella was made in the course of time and experience, manufacturers become innovative, umbrella and began to produce cotton, silk, satin attractive floral decoration attic. These newly formed umbrella has gained popularity with his wife and to expand sales in the country. Umbrella attract foreigners to buy a souvenir or as an interior wall decoration and use unique shade. Production of Pathein umbrella is more or less a cottage industry, and the manufacturing division of labor within a single framework. Each worker is assigned a different task, one in charge of the coasts of the frame and the other tree, and others to the canopy, the handle, tip or hold the coasts and in the wheels, even a corner or move to open and close the umbrella. Each person working alone, his own line of work of experts.

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Shaft and umbrella ribs are made of bamboo, ferrule and softwood handle is known as “Ma-U THIT” locally. We will obtain a raw material of the lower slope of the hills of nearby Chaunta near the Rakhine Yoma mountain range of bamboo and wood Pathein. When all is ready for the various parts made by different craftsmen, they are put

myanmar traditional pathein umbrellatogether to make an umbrella. In order to deflect sunlight, purple, pink, for dyeing canopy pastel colors of green and blue, although attached to the frame, some of the darker shades, black, blue, as a dark green bottle to, you have too. Canopy, when mounted on the frame ribs, various shapes and colors small flowers have been painted in the background color.

Its amazing, one is opened, to be able to close the umbrella smoothly smoothly, a number of parts manufactured by another hand is that everything is very tight and ride together. Umbrella is then wrapped in a colored ring small bamboo wool yarn, and is bent to fix the same thread in the recess of the handle can be passed in order to maintain the closed umbrella. Bright colorful Pathein umbrella seems to improve the elegance and charm of female beauty Myanmar. Are readily available at any market umbrella and color through Myanmar in all dimensions of Pathein, when it was folded neatly, it does not take much space, aliens as a gift for someone special it is ideal to buy this wonderful product.

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