Myanmar Traditional Shampoo

myanmar traditional shampoo A word to Myanmar women, good looking of the hair is pride and the splendour of a woman depends on her hair-style. As a result, we need to choose the best option for long and healthy hair. The Myanmar traditional shampoo, Tayaw-Kinpun is the best for us. Tayaw come from small hrubs and tree species, botanical name is Grewia Polygama. Kinpun is trees planted in the dry region, botanical name is Acacia cocinar. Here is how we get Tayaw-Kinbun shampoo, firstly, dry and boil the dark brown Kinpun beans, cool and filter. Tayaw turns stripe and then hit to flat and soak in water. The more thinner the bark and the more it is foamy. Kinpun can be cleaned of dirt and liquid of Tayaw make hair darker, soft andshine. Tayaw shampoo mixed with liquid Kinpun then ready for use. Myanmar traditional Tayaw-Kinbun shampoois the bio-herbal, which is extracted from the natural resources.

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myanmar traditional tayaw kinpun shampooThis modern machinery and produced by local manufacturers with quality, modern style and reasonable prices to compete with other shampoos. Wish all of you to have good looking of haire by washing with Myanmar traditional shampoo Tayaw-Kinpun.

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