The Golden Monastery : Shwe Kyaung Daw

golden monasteryFame Monastery “ Shwe Kyaung Daw “ ( Golden Monastery ) is situated in Mandalay, built with 19th Century Kon Bong Manama architectural works and is 118 years old today. The monastery was named “ Shwe Kyaung Daw “ the Golden Monastery, because of the insides of Monastery is built with sparkling golden layers.

The Golden Monastery has a roof in three levels. The second layer was the upper middle Zay Ta Wun Saung. From east to west, there are 15 columns and teak in South Eastern line

10 column. A total of 150 columns and 54 support poles and Nayar decorated under construction with five Thayet Kin Brick Stairs. The entire Shwe Kyaung Daw Monastery features with wooden carvings, tapestries with floral patterns of Kon Bong was decorated as fabulous artwork and doors with statues of birds and animals, and cultural mosaic of Myanmar.

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The front parts of the interior are the pillars of teak, the bases are decorated with the carving of Jataka. Within the east side a statue of Buddha in ash to a branch of the sacred Maha Bowdi Banyan Tree is cemented revered by King Mindon and now it stands as a museum of the Myanmar culture.

shwe kyaung daw

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