Myanmar Traditional Cotton Weaving Craft

myanmar cotton weavingIn Myanmar, the cotton weaving craft is so popular in Shan State which is lie in the eastern part of the Myanmar. They are very talented, innovative in weaving and designing cotton and silk fabrics. They sew attractive article not only for their clothes but also do business from materials such as silk, cotton and wool. A good weaver needs concentration of mind and perfect co-ordination of eyes, hands and feet to work the loom, to produce beautiful fabric.One of the most charming accessories is the shoulder bag, generally known as a “ Traditional Shan Bag ”, although many other regions in Myanmar produce different designs.

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They also produces Myanmar Traditional clothes called “ Lungyi “. If you desire not just piece of cotton fabric, but one with the right colors and attractive designs, then the variety of cotton material from Shan State in Myanmar will certainly have something special.

myanmar cotton weaving

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