10 Well-known Arts and Crafts in Myanmar

Myanmar 10 best well-known traditional arts and crafts works which is called “Pan Sel Myo ( 10 Flowers ) “

( 1 )  Panchi : It is the art of painting and that shows live animals and inanimate objects using different colors. Artists paint the figures of beings, animals, objects, drawings and caricatures human scene.








( 2 )  Punpu : The art of sculpture and it’s means one who produced figures and floral motifs made of wood. Artisans make the figure of man and animals and floral motifs. Myanmar traditional sculpture emerged before the Bagan period and improved in the middle of Bagan Era. A wooden sculpture suspended from the Bagan period is the oldest pagoda Shwezigone portal in Nyaung-U. Those who want to see the wooden sculptures of Mandalay : Monastery Shwe-Inpin, Mandalay, Bargayar Monastery and, Inwa Myanmar traditional sculpture contains wood carving stone carving and plaster sculpture.


( 3 )  Panbe : A kind of Blacksmith and it is tempering of the iron in the oven to make the necessary elements. The craftsmen make oxcart axle oxcarts iron, rubber, scissors, hammer, ax, pick ax, knife, ax, ax, hoe and dig hoe. The traditional metal Myanmar origin during the early Bagan, and had improved in the middle period of Bagan Inwa and Yadanapon. Myanmar traditional metal from Inlay region were famous in time Yadanapon. Many kinds of carpentry products are invaluable as military armor, weapons, the file, the pick, hoe, hoe sword, etc.


( 4 )  Panyun : Panyun means a vehicle that produces materials in bamboo, wood and thick black paint. Lacquer ware craftsmen produce begging bowl food bowl for Monaco and tea cup pickled painted ship, cup, box Betel and cigar box.


( 5 )  Panpoot : Panpoot is making wooden utensils, turning on the lathe turner. As tree umbrella, table legs, and the legs of the bed and rotary seats hall and railings.


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( 6 )  Panyan : It construct the building with brick, stone and concrete. The mansons build brick houses, pagoda, bridges.


( 7 )  Pantaut : It means a craft of making decorative designs floral stucco embossed. The craftsmen are the figures of lions, dragons and floral patterns with stucco.


( 8 )  Pantamaut : It is the art of stones curving. The craftsmen make Buddha images stock for Sima, pillars, leograph, elephants, deer, circular flat stone pestle and mortar and table.


( 9 )  Patain : It is making objects of gold or silver. Silversmith‘s art, trough, bowl container price cup, plate and belt.


( 10 )  Pante : Pantin is a manufacturer of materials of copper, bronze or brass. The craftsmen are Gong, Gong, and the brass bowl brass triangle Monaco, weights in the form of duck brainy, tray, copper boiler, Cup Bowl, dishes, and small bells bell brass gong.


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