Myanmar Nation Shan Traditional Novitiate Ceremony

myanmar traditional novitiateMyanmar is known as the land of festivals. Each month, different types of Buddhist ceremonies are held. These festivals represent pious and generosity of the people of Myanmar. Noviciation ceremonies, which usually take place during the summer, steps in style with the traditional customs in the country. In northern Shan State, Noviciation traditional Buddhist ceremony is held for 5-7 days. According to custom, the age of the novices-to-be are so aged 9-16 years. Novices-to-be dress like a princess and are carried in processions around the city every day for the Read More »


How they build Buddhist Monastery

golden palace monasteryAt the time of Myanmar monarch until 1885, the donor will have to apply directly to the monarch’s permission for the new building of the monastery. The king granted the building after an investigation into the monk who accept new monastery with regard to their level of education in the Buddha’s teaching and moral probity and head of a religious order. Permission was granted in accordance with customary rules and regulations, restrictions and limitations.
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Kachin Manaw Festival in Myanmar

kachin manaw festivalKachin people are called Manaw Festival Ceremonies. There are several types of Manaw Ceremony and dance takes place only five most important occasions.
1. To celebrate the victory in the war.
2. Gather the clans to meet and settle accounts, make plans for the future.
3. To commemorate the death of an elder.
4. To an opening.
5. To attract good fortune for new farmland and agriculture.Read More »

Huge Pagoda in Myanmar

Huge-PagodaStupa unfinished Massive 10 kilometers north of Mandalay is known by different names: Pahtodawgyi Mingun Mingun Paya, Folly Bodawpaya, Mantalagyi and Great Pila, among certain circles of writing.

It was the product of a king who was not satisfied with the construction of anything normal size … or simply enormous.Read More »

Toddy Palm Leafs in Myanmar

myanmar toddy palm leafHighland Toddy palms grow in many parts of Thahton, Bilin and Townships Kyaik Hto Mon State, south-eastern part of Myanmar. The local population making a living. Toddy palm leaves into useful utensils Highland. Including sewing palm leaves for roofing is the most important. At 7, the highlands of palm can support 30 to 40 branches per year. Cut the stem of the base sheet and remove the stem. Tear them into 2-4 parts depending on the size and battery in two from the corner and the middle portions of the leaves.

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Myanmar Handicrafts : Gold and Silver Smith

myanmar silver smith handicraftInlay region in the southeast of Shan State in Myanmar gets its fame from the presence of a large natural lake island in the midst of her as a brilliant emerald. The native Intha and Inthu the region are simple people love peace, but also persistent, patient and painstaking. Perhaps the reason we are in the many famous pop region for the quality of its diversified Myanmar Handicraft product cottage industries. Enterprises weaving, pottery, blacksmith, goldsmith, still thrive todayRead More »

ThaNakhaa : Myanmar Traditional Makeup

myanmar thanakha sticksMyanmar People used to apply traditional incense in religious matters. To have a strange and unique scent of incense, you can do with ThaNakhaa – the bark of a tree give good smell, soft skin and protects against sunburn.

So ThaNakhaa are familiar with women in Myanmar. It is used for one of the natural cosmetics and all the people as its odor. The Thanakha with fragrant evergreen trees and bark are mostly produced in the dry zone of Myanmar. To make the incense stick ThaNakhaa first mother doughRead More »

Naga Traditional Handicrafts

naga handicraftIn connection with the New Year Festival of Naga, Naga opened the traditional and cultural crafts galleries in sports ground of Lahe. The crafts Gallery show traditional wood carving of bamboo, rattan, leather and crafts displays. There are several forms and types of knives for various applications. Mourning blower or workshop consists of individual cylinders employ bamboo and coal used in the oven.Read More »

Myanmar Traditional Xylophone

myanmar xylophoneBamboo xylophone (or) Pattalar, language known in Myanmar as a soundboard beneath an ancient musical instrument, with seven keys out, you can produce unique rhythms and sounds of the ear. Later, ten keys have been added and today, is used 24 keys.
Pattalar means musical instrument that can be played by the escalation of the rules or from the base to the peak. No matter how the music should be played also played a xylophone, you need two sticks wrapped around with the fabric on the top that can produce a harmonious melody or sound.Read More »

Beautiful Sea Shell Art

sea shellIt is really a fun hobby for collecting shells on the beach. And it is also a lucrative business for the production of these beautiful shells into the home decoration ornaments. There are different types of shells on the beach. Some are great and some are small and cute. They have different types of shape and design. When we combine all of their beauty and create skillfullyRead More »